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If you are looking for an experience and challenge that is truly spectacular (not to mention bragging rights), look no further. SkyDance SkyDiving’s 30,000’ HALO Tandem Skydives are the highest available in the world. No prior experience is required, we provide all of the training. We have been making HALO jumps here in Davis, California since 1992. We are the most experienced in the business and are thrilled to share the experience with you.

A HALO Tandem Skydive is no ordinary jump. Leaping from the higher realms of our atmosphere, you will find yourself in unexpectedly harsh conditions 6 miles above the central valley of California. Temperatures can reach extreme cold and a lack of oxygen requires the use of very specialized breathing equipment. You’ll be required to breath pure oxygen before taking off, during the climb to 30,000’, and finally during your 2 ½ minute freefall back into the more forgiving lower atmosphere.

Your tandem HALO skydive will start with a ground course to review physiological effects of high altitude exposure as well a fitting session for all of the specialized equipment. Then you’ll make a training tandem jump from 13,000’, using HALO equipment and techniques. Once satisfactory performance has been achieved (generally 1 training jump), you’ll do the real thing from 30,000 feet!

SkyDance SkyDiving has gone to great lengths to provide the most up to date equipment, techniques, aircraft, and FAA waivers in order to provide the HALO experience. You’ll have to put in some effort in order to participate in a HALO jump too. In additional to the usual restrictions for tandem skydiving [insert link to this], HALO tandem skydivers will be required to obtain at their own expense (~$100), an FAA class 3 medical certificate or equivalent (see FAQs). There is no prior skydiving or experience or license needed.

The SkyDance HALO Tandem Skydive Course costs $3000. (This includes the training course, specialized equipment rental, one 13,000’ training tandem skydive, instructor hand-cam video, and one 30,000’ tandem skydive.)  Video and Stills packages from your very own videograper to document the entire experience are available for an additional $1000.  This includes an edited video, hundreds of high quality pictures, ground and plane interviews, and another person to join you in freefall and get awesome angles of your entire skydive!

This could be the biggest leap you’ll ever make…..

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