High Altitude Low Opening

SkyDance SkyDiving is your premier destination for HALO skydiving. Whether you are an experienced jumper looking for the added thrill of extreme altitudes, a tandem student wanting to take the experience higher, or a special project with the goal of pushing the boundaries of human flight, we’ve got you covered!

We are the only dropzone in America with a Certificate of Authorization from the FAA to fly into Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) airspace above 28,000’. What does this mean? We’re the only dropzone in the nation with approval to skydive above 28,000’. No where else can you make a skydive for a full 2 ½ minutes of freefall!

Our 30,000’ HALO skydives are truly a unique opportunity.

A HALO Skydive from 18,000′ – 22,000′ requires oxygen, but only during the plane ride to altitude. You’ll be breathing through a simple, clear oxygen mask until it’s time to exit the plane. Our 30,000’ HALO jumps require a little more planning. The extreme altitude and reduced air pressure requires skydivers to start pre-breathing oxygen on the ground for an hour prior to takeoff. Due to the special equipment and planning required, you’ll have to reserve your spot at least a month in advance if you want a tandem jump from the top floor.

If you’re wanting to do our 18,000′ or 22,000′ HALO Tandem Skydive, we can do that anytime without notice. Just reserve your spot today through our Book Now page, and you’ll be in the air in no time.

Records, Films, Special Projects

SkyDance SkyDiving is your premier destination for HALO related projects, films, and record attempts! Over the years, we’ve helped skydivers from all over achieve their dreams of a world record.

In May 2016, Kyle Lobries earned FAI world records for wingsuit distance flown and time aloft from over 36,000 ft.

In November 2015, Jimmy Petrolia achieved a wingsuit exit altitude record of 37,240 ft.

In May 2015, the CA state high altitude formation load was broken by 8 jumpers exiting from 33,000 ft.

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