What are the USPA License Requirements?
You must have at least a USPA “C” License to participate in solo HALO jumps. License requirements for tandem students are waived.

What are the medical requirements (both experienced and tandem skydivers)?
All HALO skydivers must obtain a FAA Class 3 Medical or equivalent.

How much does a FAA Class 3 medical cost, where do I get one and how long does it take?
The cost is generally less than $100. Go to FAA web site ( https://designee.faa.gov/SelectTypeOfSearch/SelectTypeOfSearch ) to find a list of FAA flight Physicians (select “AME” under “Designee Type”.) Tell the doctor that you want a Medical for a student Pilot’s license. It’s a quick, simple medical appointment that typically takes about one hour.

Is a Physiological training course required?
These courses provide valuable training, especially to teach you your personal hypoxia symptoms. It used to be easy to schedule throughout the country, but the FAA has shut down most chambers to civilians. It is available at the FAA site in Oklahoma City, OK
and a few universities offer courses. University courses (Arizona State University, for example) take longer and are a lot more expensive. Because of these issues, we no longer require this training, however it is highly recommended!

Do you really go to 30,000’? what about FAA restrictions for flights above 28,000’?
To our knowledge we are the only DZ in the USA that has FAA approval and a waiver to exceed 28,000’. Altitudes that high require both the aircraft and pilot to be certified (at great expense for the aircraft equipment) for flight into “RVSM” airspace. We have gone
to great lengths and jumped through a lot of FAA hoops to obtain this waiver and approval. This is why the other outfits are saying 30,000’ jumps on their web sites, but when you read the details they all say 28,000’+. This typically means up to 28,200’.

We actually DO go to 30,000’. In fact, on May 30th, 2016 Kyle Lobpries set a distance and time Wingsuit World Record here at SkyDance. He flew for 8 minutes and 40 seconds to reach 18.8 miles in his wingsuit – from an altitude of 36,000′ in our TX Turbine Supervan.

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