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Skdiving License

Get a Skydiving License

Becoming a licensed skydiver might sound like an insurmountable goal but it’s definitely within reach! SkyDance utilizes the training method provided by the United States Parachute Association (USPA) called “Accelerated Free Fall” or AFF for short.

The AFF training program begins with a 4-6 hour First Jump Course followed by 7 Instructor jumps covering individual learning categories. Each category is designed to build your skills and prepare you to become a solo skydiver.

Throughout the course you will be responsible for deploying your parachute and navigating it to the ground. Once all categories have been completed successfully you’ll be cleared to become a solo skydiver!

Your journey doesn’t end once you achieve solo status. SkyDance has an extensive Coaching program to help you finish the requirements needed to obtain your USPA license. Our Coaches will help guide you through the path to obtaining your first license, becoming a safe skydiver and what to expect once you’ve graduated from being a student.

Our goal at SkyDance SkyDiving is to create competent, safe skydivers while still promoting a fun culture. The learning doesn’t stop once you become a licensed skydiver, we pride ourselves in incorporating newly licensed skydivers in all dropzone activities and providing other tools to ensure the learning never stops.

Started AFF already? Just because you haven’t jumped with us before doesn’t mean you can’t start now. You can continue your progression at SkyDance no matter where you started your training. Just bring your A-License progression card and your logbook and one of our Instructors will help you continue your education with us.


First AFF Skydive (Integrated Student Program
Category "A") includes introductory USPA
membership and First Jump Course
Category B-C -Two Instructor Jump$209
Category C2-E- One Instructor Jump$179
Coach Jump$79
Student Solo (does not include gear rental)$24
Packing Class$69
Packing Test$19
Gear Rental$25

SkyDance SkyDiving offers the least expensive, all-inclusive training packages in Northern California! All of our packages follow the United States Parachute Association curriculum with our very skilled and professional staff.

Schedule your First Jump Course and select one of our training packages when you get here!

Training Packages

Training PackagesPrice*
AFF Package
Includes First Jump Course and 7 Instructor jumps
designed to get you to solo status, a temporary USPA
membership, and all gear required to make your
A-License Package
Includes First Jump Course, 7 Instructor jumps, 3
Coach Jumps, 13 Solos, 2 Hop & Pops, Packing Class
& Test ,and Temporary membership to the USPA, and
a A-License graduation check jump. The A-License
package also includes all gear rentals and pack jobs.

*Pricing subject to change without notice.  Contact SkyDance SkyDiving for current pricing information.

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